Professor Daniel Bessa

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Professor Daniel BessaProfessor Daniel Bessa

Portuguese-born Daniel Bessa graduated in Economics from the University of Porto in 1970. His PhD in economics was gained from the Technical University of Lisbon in 1986. In 1970 he was appointed Professor at the University of Porto School of Economics where his main research and teaching areas were Macroeconomics (Monetary and Financial Policy). In 2000 he was appointed Dean of EGP – the University of Porto Business School.

Retired from the University, he was appointed General Manager of COTEC Portugal (a private association to promote innovation) in June 2009. He is a Board member of Finibanco (a Portuguese small bank), and Efacec (a Portuguese company producing electrical equipment and engineering services). He is a former board-member of Stora-Enso-Celbi (the Portuguese company of the Swedish-Finnish group in the pulp and paper industry) and of Inparsa (the industrial branch of Sonae Group). He is also Chairman of the Auditing Board of Galp (the Portuguese oil company), Chairman of the Auditing Board of Sonae SGPS (the holding company of Sonae Group), Chairman of the Auditing Board of Bial – Portela e Companhia (the biggest pharmaceutical company in Portugal) and Chairman of the Advisory Board of IGFCSS – Asset Management Institute for the Portuguese Social Security. He was Minister for the Economy of Portuguese Government between October 1995 and March 1996. He joined the ERAB Board of Directors in 2007.


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