Key Performance Indicators

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Key Performance Indicators

ERABs performance is monitored on an on-going basis through the analysis of demanding KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) which are considered by the Board of Directors at each of their meetings.

SUMMARY – November 2017


1. Quality

  • Quality of applications, measured by independent peer review scores, above average – More than 60% over 25 (maximum 35).
  • Novelty of findings, measured by publication in journals with impact factors over 4, more than 30% of total grantee publications.
  • Range of research subjects, biomedical / psychosocial / lifestyle and drinking patterns, is being extended.

2. Quantity

  • Total number of applications has grown every year. In 2017 81 pre-proposal applications were received from 19 countries.
  • Balance, biomedical v psychosocial, stable at about 30% psychosocial applications.
  • Percentage of applications granted has been kept above 10% (by funding shorter projects and concentrating on funding staff costs). In 2017, the new system has increased the percentage funded to 16%.
  • Total publications citing ERAB as a source of funding is now 199 (average of 14 each year, over 2 per grant).
  • Operating budget split is being maintained at, or around, 90% dedicated to grants.

3. Visibility

  • At conferences, by grantees and travel award recipients presenting their results and citing ERAB as the source of funding.
  • At the International Meeting on Alcohol and Global Health (IMAG) conference, every four years. Next one 2018.
  • In the research community, measured by the growing number of research teams applying.
  • Stakeholders are kept up to date with developments by regular communication via the electronic Newsletter, the Annual report and occasional publications / presentations.
  • Links between the biomedical and brewing research communities are being developed by annual meetings with brewing scientists.
  • Links / collaboration with the European Commission / WHO etc. a longer term objective. Commission 2016 Workplan provided opportunities which ERAB was unable to exploit.

 4. Impact

  • Impact assessment shows measurable impact of some earlier grants, for example ‘being quoted in Government guidelines’ etc. and ERAB “seed corn” funding helps grantees get additional support for their research.
  • Funding of younger scientists, measured by the number of PhDs etc awarded to members of ERAB grantees teams, and travel and exchange awards build a knowledgeable research community.
  • ERAB has been awarded “tax deductible status” for Belgium. This was renewed in 2017.

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