ERAB is pleased to announce the funding of eight partial research grants starting in January 2012.

The research is taking place in Italy, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Name of Principal Researcher Department Institution Town                  Country

Professor Kees DE GRAAF

Department of Human Nutrition Wageningen University Wageningen, The Netherlands

Dietary patterns and nutrient intakes of beer consumers compared to consumers of other (non-) alcoholic drinks

Professor Philip TERRY

Department of Psychology Kingston University London, UK

Young people’s beliefs about the benefits and risks associated with different alcoholic beverages: A comparison between the UK and France

Dr Richard Oliver DE VISSER

School of Psychology University of Sussex Falmer, UK

Understanding and promoting young people’s strategies for moderate alcohol consumption.

Professor Franco PRINA Department of Social Science University of Turin Torino, Italy
Images of adolescent alcohol use and health in Italy. A study of teenagers’ drinking and societal reactions to it.
Dr Gabriel RUBIO Faculty of Medicine Complutense University Madrid, Spain
Psycho-physiological paradigms predictors of relapse in the treatment of alcohol dependent subjects.
Professor Taco DE VRIES Center for Neurogenomics & Cognitive Research VU University Amsterdam Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Identification of a genetic risk-factor for alcohol seeking and relapse.

Dr Rosa LAMUELA-RAVENTÓS Department of Nutrition and Food Science University of Barcelona Barcelona, Spain

Evaluation of risk and benefits of moderate beer consumption in 1,000 subjects at high cardiovascular risk using a new beer biomarker

Professor Ingrid NYLANDER Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences University of Uppsala Uppsala, Sweden

Neurobiological and behavioural consequences of adolescent alcohol consumption; studies of causal links between early-life conditions and vulnerability for alcohol use disorders.

For a full list of the grants funded please click here.

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