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The ERAB e-Newsletter – Issue 17

2014 Grants Awarded


ERAB is pleased to announce the funding of ten new grants starting in 2015 and would like to congratulate the successful researchers.


ERAB received 59 applications this year. They were of outstandingly high quality and deciding which to fund was, as always, really difficult. A panel of external reviewers completed review forms for the applications. This helped the Advisory Board to identify the best applications with regard to the clarity of the hypothesis, the merit of the science, the calibre of the team and the appropriateness of the budget. ERAB would like to thank the external reviewers for this valuable assistance.


Having this year particularly encouraged applications for research on lifestyle and drinking patterns we are delighted to be able to fund five important projects in these areas.


Principal Applicant 

Title of Project



Changing lifestyle may prevent or revert pulmonary arterial hypertension


Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto, Portugal




More is caught than thought: A ground-breaking study on the role implicit parenting processes on adolescents’ alcohol use


Faculty of Social & Behavioural Sciences, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Dr. Giovanni ARESI

Study abroad students’ drinking behaviour: a mixed methods longitudinal study on social norms and sojourner adjustment


Faculty of Psychology, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan, Italy


Professor Isabelle SZMIGIN

Lifestyle, social media and alcohol consumption

Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham, UK


Dr Richard Oliver DE VISSER

Intervention to measure impact of using unit-marked glasses for alcohol consumption in adults


School of Psychology, University of Sussex, Falmer, UK

Dr. Ascensión MARCOS

Effects of alcohol consumption on gut microbiota composition in adults (ALMICROBHOL)



Institute of food Science, Technology and Nutrition (ICTAN), Spanish National Research Council, Madrid, Spain

Professor Matthew C. WRIGHT

The effect of alcohol on the absorption and toxicity of food chemicals via the gut

Institute Cellular Medicine, Newcastle University Upon Tyne, UK


Dr. Janne Schurmann TOLSTRUP 

Alcohol and bleeding in the general population

National Institute of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark


Dr. Colinda C.J.M. SIMONS

The role of genetic markers of alcohol dependence, bitter taste perception, and alcohol tolerance in determining drinking patters and the risk of breast and colorectal cancer


Faculty of Health, Medicine, and Life Sciences, Maastricht University,  The Netherlands

Dr. Kyriaki NIKOLAOU

Development and testing of a new alcohol attentional bias modification training paradigm: What are its neurocognitive mechanisms of action and how do they relate to real-life drinking behaviours?


Dept of Psychology, University of Amsterdam,

The Netherlands



These projects will be starting in 2015.


Full details of all the grants funded by ERAB are on the website.

ERAB, The European Foundation for Alcohol Research

Christmas Greetings

ERAB would like to take this opportunity to send you our best wishes for Christmas and New Year.

ERAB, The European Foundation for Alcohol Research

Inside this issue:

ERAB, The European Foundation for Alcohol Research

2014 Grants Awarded

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ERAB, The European Foundation for Alcohol Research

Christmas Greetings

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ERAB, The European Foundation for Alcohol Research


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