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The ERAB e-Newsletter – Issue 22

Joint funding opportunity

Further to the “Call for Applications” circulated last month ERAB would like to add an invitation to apply to collaborate with ERAB in a project which will qualify for co-funding from the European Commission.


The Health Programme Work Plan for 2016 published this week includes a section inviting applications for funding on the subject of Gathering knowledge and exchanging best practices on measures reducing underage drinking and heavy episodic drinking.


In November 2012 ERAB, together with its sister Foundation in North America, ABMRF, launched a Report UNDERAGE DRINKING – A REPORT ON DRINKING IN THE SECOND DECADE OF LIFE IN EUROPE AND NORTH AMERICA.


This state of the art review explores the extent of underage drinking across Europe and North America, as well as the current understanding of factors that increase the risk of this behaviour and potentially effective evidence-based approaches to prevent underage drinking.


ERAB would welcome applications such as:

  • those which would build on and update the ERAB work in this area mentioned above, looking solely at Europe;
  • those which would put any of the evidence-based approaches to prevent underage drinking described in the Report and Commission documents into practice in two or more Member States and compare the results.

ERAB will dedicate a part of its 2017 and 2018 grant budget to such a project if it will qualify for funding under the European Health Programme. N.B It will be essential for the successful research group to be able to put some match funding towards this project.


Applications should be from researchers from an established European research institution or university.


All applications will be externally peer reviewed.


An application form may be obtained from


Applications should be returned to the Chair of the ERAB Advisory Board, Emeritus Professor Philippe De Witte, on


Closing date for applications is Monday 11th April.

ERAB, The European Foundation for Alcohol Research

European Health Award – call for applications open.

ERAB would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Call for Applications for the 10th European Health Award, organised by the European Health Forum Gastein, is NOW OPEN! Visit


The European Health Award honours initiatives which aim to improve public health or healthcare in Europe. It was established in 2007 to promote cross-border cooperation, multi-country working and the development of sustainable, innovative and transferable initiatives which address current challenges such as disparities in health status, access to services and the provision of treatment within Europe.


The prize of €10,000 will be presented at the 19th European Health Forum Gastein in September 2016.

Selection Criteria

Initiatives being nominated for the European Health Award must comply with the following in order to be eligible for consideration:

1) The initiative must already be in its implementation phase, although it does not have to be completed at the time of application.

2) Applicants should be able to provide some initial results from their initiative.

3) The initiative must be implemented in at least two European countries.

4) The initiative should focus on public health or health care delivery and address an important threat to the health of the population in terms of prevention or health promotion, improving quality of care or access to care or through increased efficiency or cost-effectiveness.

5) The initiative should be innovative and/or demonstrate how it has added an innovative dimension to similar projects.

6) The initiative should be sustainable and have the potential to be transferable to other countries.


ERAB believes that some of the research it has funded would qualify for this award and would like to work with grantees to apply or make a nomination. Please write with suggestions to  the Chair of the ERAB Advisory Board, Emeritus Professor Philippe De Witte, on by Monday 11th April.

ERAB, The European Foundation for Alcohol Research

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ERAB, The European Foundation for Alcohol Research

Joint funding opportunity

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ERAB, The European Foundation for Alcohol Research

European Health Award – call for applications open.

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ERAB, The European Foundation for Alcohol Research


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