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The ERAB e-Newsletter – Issue 24

2016 Grants Awarded


ERAB is pleased to announce the funding of six new grants starting next year and would like to congratulate the successful researchers.


ERAB received a record 71 applications this year. They were again of outstandingly high quality and deciding which to fund was, as always, really difficult. A panel of external reviewers completed review forms for the applications. This helped the Advisory Board to identify the best applications with regard to the clarity of the hypothesis, the merit of the science, the calibre of the team and the appropriateness of the budget. ERAB would like to thank the external reviewers for this valuable assistance.


Having again particularly encouraged applications for research on lifestyle and drinking patterns we were pleased to receive some excellent applications in that area.


The following six projects have been awarded ERAB funding starting in January 2017.


Principal Applicant  Title of Project


Dr. Pau Sancho-Bru
Role of liver progenitor cells in the progression of alcoholic liver disease


Consorci Institut D’Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi I Sunyer (IDIBAPS), Barcelona, Spain.


Professor Lina Badimon


Moderate beer intake effects on the inflammasome pathway and TLR-mediated immunomodulation in humansophenotypes of Alcohol Misuse Patterns


Institute for Biomedical Research – Hospital de la Santa Creu / Saint Pau, Barcelona, Spain.
Professor Carla Cannizzaro Binging on alcohol and social  stress in adolescence: a translational research in Sicily (BASTA)


University of Palermo, Palermo, Italy.
Professor Nele Jacobs Alcohol consumption in daily life: A mobile ecological momentary assessment study in a general population sample. Open University, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Heerlen, The Netherlands


Dr. Jette Möller Less spirit, more wine and beer: predictors, mediators and health consequences of drinking patterns in contemporary Sweden.


Karolinska Institute,Department of Public Health Sciences, Stockholm, Sweden.
Dr. Terenzio Bertuzzi To consider the health effects arising from the components of beer (brewed at large and small scale) in particular, to investigate the effect of folate and vitamin B 6 content of beer on serum homocysteine and the cardiovascular system.


Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan, Italy.



Full details of all the grants funded by ERAB are on the website.

ERAB, The European Foundation for Alcohol Research

New application proceedure starting in 2017

ERAB receives a growing number of applications each year. Many of them are of excellent quality and worthy of funding but this year the percentage of applications which could be funded has dropped below 10%. Given the large amount of work involved in making a full application and the additional work and goodwill of many eminent scientists undertaking the peer-reviews the Advisory Board has decided to move to an outline, or pre-proposal system for applications starting in 2017.


The Advisory Board believes that adopting a pre-proposal system will reduce the burden for applicants and will ensure that only those with a realistic chance of success are asked to complete a full application.


The pre-proposals will be evaluated by the Advisory Board. A limited number of them will be selected and those applicants invited to submit a full proposal, which will be externally reviewed in the usual way.


The call for applications will be launched in early January asking for pre-proposals to be submitted by late February. Once notified successful pre-applicants will have six weeks to complete the full application.


The pre-proposal form can be viewed on the ERAB website.

ERAB, The European Foundation for Alcohol Research

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ERAB, The European Foundation for Alcohol Research

2016 Grants Awarded

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ERAB, The European Foundation for Alcohol Research

New application proceedure starting in 2017

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ERAB, The European Foundation for Alcohol Research


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