The Brewers of Europe have generously supported ERAB since its foundation in 2003. They recognise the unique contribution that ERAB has made to science, funding innovative, high-quality studies on alcohol and health through its independent grant programme and meeting in full all the targets which it was set. However, the brewers have now taken the difficult decision to phase out their funding over the next two years which means that ERAB will close at the end of 2020. It should be emphasised that their decision is not a reflection on the achievements of ERAB. Rather, it was taken as part of an extensive review of their processes and spending priorities for the years to come which highlighted a need for reprioritisation  which impacts resources.

On a positive note, all existing grants will receive the allocated funding and the successful applications from this years round will also be funded in full. There will, however be no calls for applications or awards for young researchers from the end of 2018.

The International Meeting on Alcohol and Global heath (IMAG) will also take place as planned and it is hoped that as many grantees as possible will attend and present posters of their research. For more details please visit

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