ERAB receives a growing number of applications each year. Many of them are of excellent quality and worthy of funding but this year the percentage of applications which could be funded has dropped below 10%. Given the large amount of work involved in making a full application and the additional work and goodwill of many eminent scientists undertaking the peer-reviews the Advisory Board has decided to move to an outline, or pre-proposal system for applications starting in 2017.

The Advisory Board believes that adopting a pre-proposal system will reduce the burden for applicants and will ensure that only those with a realistic chance of success are asked to complete a full application.

The pre-proposals will be evaluated by the Advisory Board. A limited number of them will be selected and those applicants invited to submit a full proposal, which will be externally reviewed in the usual way.

The call for applications will be launched early in January asking for pre-proposals to be submitted by 27th February. Once notified successful pre-applicants will have six weeks to complete the full application.

To download the pre-proposal form please click here..

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