ERAB is pleased to announce the funding of six research grants starting in January 2014.

The research is taking place in Italy, Spain, Sweden,  and the United Kingdom.

Principal Applicant

Title of Project




  Dr. Ilaria Zanotti



Impact of alcohol consumption on the atheroprotective process of the reverse cholesterol transport.


  Department of Pharmacy,
University of Parma,
Parma, Italy.
 Dr. Paola Maccioni


Synthesis and pharmacological characterization of novel positive allosteric modulators of the GABAB receptor: focus on their “anti-alcohol” potential.

  Neuroscience Institute,
National Research Council of Italy (CNR),
Cagliari, Monserrato, Italy.
Dr. Rosa M. Lamuela-Raventós


Risks and benefits of the ethanol and polyphenol content in beer: effects of moderate consumption on cardiovascular system.

  Department of Nutrition and Food Science,
School of Pharmacy, University of Barcelona,
Barcelona, Spain.
Professor Paul Norman


A brief online psychosocial intervention to reduce binge drinking in new university students: Targeting reception, motivation, and volition at a teachable moment.

  Department of Psychology,
University of Sheffield,
Sheffield, UK.
Professor David Foxcroft


Quantifying exposure of young people to alcohol messaging in social media: (a) discreet real-time monitoring; & (b) validation of a 24-hour prompted multiple-pass recall method.

  Faculty of Health and Life Sciences,
Oxford Brookes University,
Oxford, UK.
Dr. Anna Sidorchuk


Life course study of alcohol harm in three generations: the importance of individual and contextual factors.

  Department of Public Health Science,
Karolinska Institute,
Stockholm, Sweden.
Dr. Richard Cooke


European Survey of University Student Alcohol Use.

  School of Life & Health Sciences,
Aston University,
Birmingham, UK.
Dr. Consuelo Guerri


Is the neuroimmune response involved in the neurotoxic and behavioural consequences of binge alcohol drinking during adolescence?

   Research Center Prince Felipe
Valencia, Spain.

For a full list of the grants funded please click here.

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